Molly’s Scrap Grannies


A new crocheted blanket made for my Molly, the most crochet worthy kitty I know. I made it using tiny scraps of acrylics that I’ve accumulated over the years, and am really pleased with how it turned.

We had a lack of kitty sized blankets at the moment, with only two crocheted blankets between three! No matter how I did the math, I couldn’t make it go, so they’ve been graciously sharing my sunburst granny with me. Now they each have one…and I have plans to make a few more for when these are in the wash.

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – Looking Forward


This week has flown by. I’ve enjoyed taking part, and especially enjoyed discovering new blogs and lots of fellow knitters/crocheters. Todays topic is looking forward to where we hope to be when KCBW rolls around again.

I recently conquered a long held goal to knit a pair of socks. I used to look at the beautiful socks on Ravelry, yet always felt intimidated, convinced that they were too fiddly, and with such fine yarn and small needles they would take too long to finish. I now no better, and have fallen in love with sock knitting :)

Now to look forward to my goals for the next 12 months. There a three…

1.  Stranded knitting.  I have my first project queued, the yarn in my stash, and surprise…it’s a pair of socks! They’ll be knit using Cascade Heritage yarn, in Blood Orange and Butter…


…I’ve had a little test knit, and this is incredibly soft yarn. I think the two colours will go well together. Another stranded knitting project I’d like to try is a cardigan with a little stranded work. I’ve seen some beautiful examples on Ravelry (such an enabler ;)) such as Edelwiss.

2.  Lace. Once again I have the projects queued, both cardigans, Hampton and Myrtle.

3.  Improving my spinning. I have been spinning on and off for a while now, but want to make it a more regular part of day to day life. I am also thinking about a spinning wheel. It is a major purchase, so more thought and research is required, and in the end, I make stick with my spindles :)

It will be interesting next year to see how we have all fared in achieving our goals.

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – A Tool To Covet


My most coveted knitting tool would have to be my collection of Knit Pro   interchangeable needles and dpns (back in 2008, they were still known as Knit Picks in Australia, they have since become Knit Pro outside of the US). From the first time I became aware of the Harmonies, I wanted a set. Such pretty coloured tips and purple cables. Before buying the set of interchangeables, I decided to buy a set of 4mm tips and an 80cm cable to knit a project with to see if they were right for me. I loved using them. After years of trying to use circular needles with unwieldy cables, the Knit Pro cables were a dream.


I went ahead and ordered the interchangeable set, and have since added extra  needle tips in my most used sizes, which seems to be 4 – 5.5mm, in the laminated birch as well as the Nova (nickel plated brass) and Spectra Flair (acrylic).

I also have a growing collection of dpns…


Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – Colour Review


When shopping for yarn, I know that without looking at my stash, that the majority of my yarns are softer or darker shades of a colour. I much prefer cherry red to a pure red, which is why the only cardigan I have ever made using pure red, is the only cardigan that I have never worn. It sits now in my sewing room, waiting to be frogged. I’m toying with the idea of over-dyeing the yarn to a colour more suitable for me.

Looking at a screen shot of my stash confirms my preference for colours that will translate well into wearable garments.

Stash Colour Review


Although, looking at a screen shot of my project page my life long love of pink, in all its shades, shows :)

Projects Colour Review

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – A House Mascot



Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic, 8 ply in Blue Grey

I’ve chosen blue grey from my stash for the project of House Mascot, and I’ve gone very literal in choosing a project , simply because I found a knitting pattern for the cutest little manatee. I almost didn’t search Ravelry, but lo and behold, there was a lone knitting pattern and 8 crochet patterns for this cuddly little critter, and I think the little knitted fella would be a mascot to make any house proud ;)

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week – The House Cup


I gave a lot of thought to choosing a house for this year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, because I could identify a little with each one.

  • I’m busy and industrious, like a bee, otherwise projects wouldn’t get started, let alone finished.
  • I prefer a challenge in most of my projects, and consider myself intelligent and curious, just like a monkey.
  • The peacock I don’t have a lot in common with. I don’t embellish my craft a lot, but I will walk a mile just to find the perfect buttons to finish off a garment.

Which leaves The House of Manatee…House of ManateeI take a practical approach to any craft projects I undertake, choosing to make knitted or crocheted items that can be worn or have a purpose in the home. There is incredible sense of satisfaction and comfort to be gained by using and wearing handmade woollen items. We are in mid-autumn here, and last Friday night I was knitting while watching rugby league, my feet were cold, so I pulled my newly finished Honey Badger socks (my first pair of hand knit socks) on for the first time, no more cold feet! My Sunburst Granny blanket is on my bed…the cats love this fact…and my little Strawberry Tea Cosy keeps our evening pot of tea hot. Oh, and my Radiate Cardigan will soon be washed in readiness for another winter of warmth :)

Honey Badger Socks


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